CSS Escolhidos #16

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  1. Alfred Reinold Baudisch

    Entrei ao acaso em todos os meus feeds hoje e vejo aqui no seu CSS Escolhidos um site que produzi: donjose.com.br ! Obrigado Thalis! Você já tinha comentado comigo por e-mail, mas eu nem lembrava do fato. Fico muito feliz que um site meu esteja na sua seleção.

    Mantenha contato 😉

  2. Kesas

    LOL – shut up bloody spammer – I do remember olshtyn.com exists since many months. You must be the scum ripper junkass! better take that rip off line!

  3. Tim

    Hey everybody,

    Just to clear something up: I’ve made the original design and was the first one to publish it on the web.

    A quote from the emails I send to olshtyn:
    Motyla (owner of olshtyn) wrote:
    say what?
    fuck – this website was done by a friend of mine so don’t blame me – I’ve done graphics only… fuck – I can see this bloody nose has ripped the “engine” of yours..
    well. what can I say… I am reallly pissed on my fellow – thanks for your infos -sorr 4 that but I kick his bloody ass – I’ll take care of it..


    He wrote this on the 13th of October 2006.

  4. Thalis Valle


    Published in my weblog for brazilian designers,
    “CSS Escolhidos” is a weekend publication of five sites all over the world, published in the webstandards/css galleries

    See ya!

  5. cartagina

    lol, Tim, there’s a problem, that your site (probably original) is worse graphically than the ripped off. besides olshtyn has some more nice gadgets like nice stats at the bottom of the site.
    i believe you are the owner of the original concept, but you have to agree, that this rip isn’t standard ripoff that are generally worse than original.

    keep smiling man :]


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